Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My first CL missed connections post for me!

Alba D'Urbano lecture - m4w (CMU)

I guess this is nothing more than a passe internet cat call (what is this, 2005?), but I think the chances of us running into each other are slim to none. Ideally I would have stayed after the lecture and made some small talk, but I had a meeting at 6 that I had to get to.

It seemed like you and I were some of the only people to have actually paid attention. You were with a friend who kept nodding off. I was on the other side of the auditorium; on the other side of two students who kept talking. I had a hat on.

You asked a question about the buyers of her "clothes". I had a question, but considering her trouble speaking English, held off from asking.

I know nothing about you, other than you seem intelligent and have an interest in art, but considering the subject matter, missed connections on a public web board seems an appropriate place for testing the bounds of privacy and social interactions with a stranger. No? By the off chance that you are single, we could exchange some emails, grab a coffee, go to the warhol...

how flattering.

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